BronyPalooza Twenty Seventeen

BronyPalooza is the largest concert for fandom music. With 15 extended sets of all different varieties ranging from rock, punk, electronic, rap, pop, and more, this two-day, twelve-hour concert will deliver the most immersive fandom musical experience ever. Are you ready to rock out in Mane Event's Hall and raise the roof even higher this year?

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Friday July 27

  • Crusader! 8:00pm

  • PrinceWhateverer 8:40pm

  • Cyril the Wolf 9:20pm

  • DJ Hollowpoint 10:15pm

  • Elevative 11:05pm

  • R3CTIFIER 11:40pm

  • Chang31ing 12:15am

  • StrachAttack 1:05am

Saturday July 28

  • Michelle Creber & Black Gryph0n 8:00pm

  • The Shake Ups 9:25pm

  • The Wonderbolts 10:05pm

  • Poni1Kenobi 10:45pm

  • FLIGHTRUSH 11:25pm

  • Additive Subtractive 12:00am

  • Eurobeat Brony 12:50am

Due to the nature of live performances, set times are subject to change.
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