(Internationally known, award-winning voice-over actor) Cathy Weseluck’s acting/production career extends over a wide range of areas. In addition to her voice acting successes, Cathy's noted accomplishments include her work as a TV actor (Stargate, Cold Squad, Just Cause), instructor and casting director/director.

After working as an associate producer for CBC Radio’s DiscDrive, Cathy began her voice acting career voicing commercials such as BMO, Safeway and McDonald’s and then her animation career as Bessie the chicken in the animated promo Kissyfur. Since then she has performed thousands of voices in hundreds of productions. Her most notable characters include Spike, Coco Pommel and the Mayor in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Buttercream Sundae in Littlest Pet Shop, Dennis in Kid Vs Kat, and in the anime world Cybersix and Adrian in Cybersix, Near in Death Note, Yuma Kuga in World Trigger, Garcia in Black Lagoon and the feisty warrior Shampoo in Ranma 1/2.

Her narration and video game credits include “CBC’s Life & Times - ‘Silver Lining: The Brian Orser Story’” and “Warhammer Mark Of Chaos” and as a guest speaker and voice acting instructor for over 20 years, she has shared her knowledge at Berkeley U of C, the CBC, trade forums, acting academies, and institutions of higher learning.

Cathy continues to enjoy inspiring others and is thrilled once again, to be part of BronyCon 2017!

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