While in the Vendor Hall all convention rules, in addition to local, state, and federal laws, shall be observed. In addition, vendors agree to obey instructions provided by convention staff. All vendors must show a government-issued photo ID to check in to the Vendor Hall. If a vendor is not able to produce a valid ID at check in, their booth(s) will be held until close of hall on Friday at 6 pm, at which point the booth(s) will be considered unclaimed and open for sale on a first-come, first-served basis at a flat rate of $200 per booth, regardless of location. Artist Alley half-booth vacancies will not be filled unless a full booth is empty. Accepted forms of ID include but are not limited to:

  • A state drivers’ license
  • State-issued identification card
  • A passport
  • Military ID

Other forms of Photo ID may be accepted at the discretion of the Department Head of Vendor Relations. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a table at BronyCon. If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by someone 18 or older to vend at the convention.

Vendor Early Access

Vendors are permitted early access to the Vendor Hall for setup and preparation. You must have completed your check in and received your badge before you can begin moving things to your booth. Access to the Vendor Hall for setup will be provided early on Thursday evening and Friday morning. Thursday and Friday early access is only available through the security checkpoint off of Charles Street. On Saturday and Sunday, vendors will be allowed into the Vendor Hall one hour before opening to set up for the day. You must check in with a Vendor Hall staff member for access. Vendors caught in the Vendor Hall before this time may be subject to forfeiture of their booth(s) and vendor badge(s) without a refund.


Booth Size: Each booth is 10’ x 10’, or 100 sq. ft.

Table and Chairs: An 8’ draped table and 2 chairs are provided with each table. Additional equipment may be ordered through our decorating contractor.

Transfer of tables: Each table is registered to a vendor at purchase. No purchased table may be moved to the ownership of another vendor. If you need to back out of your table, please notify the Vendor Relations staff so that we can offer that table to the waitlist. All tables are nonrefundable.

No-Shows: If a vendor fails to check in for their booth(s) by close of hall on Friday, they will be considered a No-Show. At that point, their booth(s) will be offered for sale on a first come, first served basis. Lost tables cannot be reclaimed, and neither credit nor refund will be given for No-Show tables.

Table Signage: All business names on table signage should match the information that you registered with. For example, if you put down on your application that you are “Twilight’s House of Scootaloo’s and Waffles” but all your signs say that you are “IHOPonies”, the signage must be removed.

Structures: Any structure brought to display artwork or merchandise must be of sound construction and may not extend more than 8 feet off of the ground. If any structure falls down, appears unstable, or extends more than 8 feet the ground, the vendor to whom it belongs will be asked to remove it by the Vendor Relations staff. In addition, all displays must reside within the confines of your area. Displays behind your table may not impede upon other vendor’s areas nor disrupt traffic flow in case of emergency.


Badges: Badges must be worn at all times. ONLY people with a vendor badge will be allowed behind tables within the Vendor Hall. Persons behind tables within the Vendor Hall without a vendor badge are subject to removal from the convention without a refund.

Behavior: Vendors are required to adhere to all convention conduct policies.

Noise: Overly loud music, videos, etc. will not be tolerated in the Vendor Hall. If the amount of sound coming from a table is found to be disruptive as determined by convention staff (For example- found to be disruptive to conversation more than 6 feet away or complaints made from other vendor tables), the vendor will be asked to lower the volume. Further noise violations can result in the vendor being removed from the Vendor Hall.

Signs: Vendors are requested not to move or tamper with BronyCon signage.

NSFW Content: We have a zero-tolerance policy, as a family-friendly convention, for vendors selling content above a “PG” rating. No such content is allowed at the convention. If you feel that your content is borderline, you are obligated to submit such content to the Vendor Relations staff prior to the convention for approval.

Use of BronyCon’s Branding: If you plan on utilizing any of BronyCon’s intellectual property, please contact us first and we can quickly give you the go-ahead or the cease-and-desist. Decisions on whether or not you can use our branding are made between the Vendor Relations Department and the Public Relations Department.

Sale of Food or Beverage: The sale of consumables is strictly forbidden in the BronyCon Vendor Hall. This includes, but is not limited to: water, candy, muffins, cupcakes, mints, free give-aways, and sodas. Exceptions are made for completely non-edible food products on a case-by-case basis. When in doubt, please contact us.


The vendor agrees that the convention staff may act as their agents for the purposes of investigating suspected shoplifting incidents. BronyCon does not guarantee the return of any stolen items.


Though BronyCon and the Vendor Relations staff retain the right to make instantaneous changes to the Vendor Hall policies, every effort will be made to extend vendors the courtesy of an announcement of the changes.

Maryland Vendor License

All vendors must strictly adhere to all of the below regulations for licenses.

Sales Tax License

Each exhibitor will require a Maryland State Sales Tax License. If you already have one, no action is required. If you do not, you will require a temporary 30 day Maryland State Sales Tax License. All vendors must submit one or the other at registration in order to redeem their table. Should they not, BronyCon reserves the right to refuse to allow the vendor to sell at their booth(s), and will not offer a refund on the booth(s).

In order to obtain a 30 day temporary Maryland State Sales Tax License, please send an email to [email protected] no later than April 30th. The email must contain the following information:

  • Full, Legal Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email Address

BronyCon will present this information to the Maryland State Comptroller of the Treasury. The Comptroller will email the 30 day temporary licenses to the provided email address.

Instructions can be found on the back of your 30 day temporary Maryland State Sales Tax License which is required in order to pay the taxes owed to the state. The Maryland state sales tax is 6%. BronyCon heavily advises that you work this fee into your sales prices. Taxes owed are not due until 30 days after the event, and the Comptroller will also send a self-addressed envelope for payment.

Trader’s License

All exhibitors are required to have a Trader’s License or an Exhibitor’s Affidavit prior to BronyCon. All vendors must submit one or the other at the convention in order to redeem their booth(s). Should they not, BronyCon reserves the right to refuse to allow the vendor to sell at their booth(s), and will not offer a refund on the booth(s).

Any exhibitor who has a Trader’s License for a fixed location in Maryland must present a photocopy to BronyCon. Manufacturers selling their products are exempt.

A copy of the Trader’s License or an Exhibitor’s Affidavit must be conspicuously displayed at your table during BronyCon. At the end of the event, BronyCon will collect all Exhibitor’s Affidavits.

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