How would you like to show off your skill with the pen to Blank Canvas? This is now your chance with the Postcards From Equestria art contest!

Official Rules

1. Submissions must be original pieces created by you, the submitter, specifically for this contest.

2. Submissions must pertain to this year's theme "Postcards from Equestria.”

3. Submissions must incorporate at least one the BronyCon mascots (Mane Event, Blank Canvas, and Hoof Beatz).

4. Submissions must be family friendly: free of profanity, nudity, violence, gore, or pornographic material.

5. Any art medium or size may be submitted. As long as you can transport it to the convention.

6. You must be planning to attend BronyCon 2014. We cannot be responsible for shipping or receiving your art, nor prizes if you win. You will need to deliver your piece to the Galloping Gallery for display and judging on Friday or Saturday of the convention.

7. BronyCon staff and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate to win. If you would like to display your art, feel free to submit, but please indicate that you are not eligible to win.

Submissions are due by July 29th.  Deliver your piece to the Gallery by Saturday August 2nd at 6PM.

Enroll in the Art Contest

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