16 Musicians. 2 Days.

BronyPalooza is the largest concert for fandom music. With 16 musicians performing extended sets of all different varieties, ranging from rock, to electronic, rap, pop, and more, this two-day, twelve-hour concert is sure to deliver the most immersive fandom musical experience to date. Last year saw audiences reach the thousands. Are you ready to jump into the basement of the Baltimore Convention Center and raise the roof higher this year?

  • Silva Hound

  • Mic the Microphone

  • djtetsuo

  • ConCept

  • F3nning

  • dBPony

  • Forest Rain

  • Cyril the Wolf

  • Black Gryph0n

  • Odyssey

  • Baschfire

  • P1K

  • Garnika

  • MandoPony

  • Tarby

  • OmniPony

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