(Baltimore, Md.)—BronyCon has scored a “big” guest this year to finish out the VIP list—co-director ”Big” Jim Miller!

A veteran storyboard artist with over ten years of experience under his belt, Miller is most widely known for his extensive work with Cartoon Network’s “Ed, Edd n’ Eddy,” where he was a part of all five seasons, the three holiday specials and the TV movie. He has also storyboarded for fan favorites such as “Kid Vs. Kat,” Capcom’s “Dead Rising 3” and of course, Hub Network’s “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”

After starting on MLP, Miller has since moved up to storyboard supervising seasons two and three of “Friendship is Magic,” as well as the “Equestria Girls” direct-to-DVD movie. Season four of MLP saw Miller promoted to co-director, which just aired its season finale in May of this year.

Whether you have a burning question to ask Miller about his work, or you’re just curious to meet him in person, you’ll have to attend BronyCon 2014!

More information on all guests appearing at BronyCon can be found on the guest page.

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Be on the lookout for additional exciting announcements in the coming weeks.

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