Tabitha St. Germain is the talent behind the fabulous Rarity, as well as Princess Luna, Granny Smith, and a number of other characters.

Beyond “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” St. Germain provided voice to many other animated-TV series such as “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch,” “Littlest Pet Shop,” “Slugterra” and many TV  incarnations of Barbie. St. Germain, no stranger to the My Little Pony brand, also voiced many pre-generation-four characters, including Scootaloo, Twinkle Wish, Minty, Thistle Whistle and Wysteria.

In her own words, "T. St. G., started her acting career at the age of 0.9, when an improbably collision cells resulted in clotsome little singularity that squeaked. Radiation from the planet Ninc, or ‘ninny rays,’ followed, giving us the T. St. G. of today, who is capable of being almost anything that doesn’t involve math or common sense, for a union-approved fee. The T. St. G. singularity worked at the Keg Steakhouse in Halifax as an(appalling) hostess for about a month in the eighties and then took the next logical step and joined the theatre.

She was the lead singer of the wildly forgettable band ‘Mystery Diarrhea’, who released many things, none of which was an album. 

Asking personal questions will usually only bring forth a string of tatty fabrications from this monkey. “I’m not lying,” she has said, “I’m ACTING.”  This is because, while she does have a rich inner life, her outer life is pretty much divided between mucking about in gardens and making noise.

She was hatched, not born, vaguely recalling siblings twittering about in a wasteland of cracked shells. It is possible that she ate them. She amuses herself by setting all the egg timers in Ikea to five minutes, and leaving."

There's no easy way to say this, but here we go …

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