Are you a poet and want everyone to know it? Maybe you're a joker, a dancer, or someone who just wants to show off their special talent? Our Open Mic event welcomes everyone and anyone to share or act out their "My Little Pony" written and performance works. So don't be shy—step up to the mic! This is NOT a contest event, so no prizes or ranks will be awarded to performers.

Please read and respect the following rules and regulations for the Open Mic event before participation.

1. When on Stage

  • Please keep all material G/PG friendly, this is a family oriented event so no foul/profane language or gestures allowed on and off stage (this includes on written signs or clothing)
  • Be courteous to others on stage, do not “boo” or make rude comments while others are performing.
  • No dangerous stunts or acts are allowed (ie jumping off-stage, etc.)
  • No political, racial, sexual, or religious statements and hate language on or off stage
  • No flash-pots, smoke bombs, explosive devices, fog machines, or any similar special effects may be used on or back stage
  • Do not enter or exit the stage except at the designated points
  • Please be mindful of others by waiting before going on stage until the previous performer has exited
  • Do not touch the equipment backstage
  • All BronyCon attendees must follow the Cosplay & Props Policy

If your performance in any way is offensive or dangerous, your mic will be shut-off and you will be escorted off stage.

2. Performance Requirements

  • Your performance must be related to the show/franchise “My Little Pony”
  • Performances must be under 10 mins in length
  • All material must be your own or you must have permission to use someone else’s work
  • Your performance cannot include gory, inappropriate, or profane materials. No foul or subjective language or material is permitted.
  • If you have a particular music for your performance, please have it prepared on a USB or CD.

3. Categories

  • Poetry
  • Creative/Written Works
  • Musical Performances
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Promotional Projects
  • Skits/Theatrical Performances
  • Dance Performances

**Remember the most important rule: have fun! This is a Open Mic and we welcome all talent, so don’t be shy.

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