Nicole Oliver has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry and has provided her voice-over expertise to innumerable animation programs such as Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Tom and Jerry, Strawberry Shortcake, the Barbie franchise, and many more! She has also done voice-over work for over 100 major companies, including American Express and McDonalds, and her film and TV credits include every major network in the US and Canada, and the hit series Crash Test Mommy.


Friday, August 7

  • 10:00am–11:00am
  • 3:30pm–5:30pm

Saturday, August 8

  • 3:00pm–5:00pm

See Nicole In

Friday, August 7

  • Six Horsepower: Voice Actor PanelMane Event's Hall • 2:15pm–3:15pm

Saturday, August 8

  • Hay or Neigh: How to Whinny Like a ProHall of the Sun • 5:30pm–6:30pm

Sunday, August 9

  • Celestia's Reading (VIP Nicole Oliver)Crusaders' Clubhouse • 12:00pm–12:30pm
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