Q: What is BronyCon?

A: BronyCon is the first and largest convention for fans of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” the latest incarnation of the My Little Pony franchise. Since the show’s debut in Fall 2010, it has garnered an extremely large and dedicated following of fans of all ages, dubbed bronies. BronyCon welcomes all fans in a celebration of the community and values that have grown from the phenomenon. 

Q: When will BronyCon 2016 be held?

A: The convention will held from Friday, July 8 through Sunday, July 10, 2016.

Q: Where will BronyCon 2016 be held?

A: BronyCon 2016 will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center and the Hilton Baltimore, located in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, MD.

Q: How should I get to the convention?

A: We have some helpful travel tips available for finding the best route to BronyCon, whether you’re travelling by car or by air. Baltimore is a very accessible city no matter where you're coming from or what method of transportation you plan to take.

Q: Is there a hotel discount available through the BronyCon?

A: Yes, we are offering great deals with both the Hilton and several other nearby hotels, all within walking distance of the convention center. Rates are available as low as $129 a night. Head on over to our Hotel page and book your stay now!

Q: How do I get to the Baltimore Convention Center from the Hilton Hotel?

A: The hotel and the convention center are connected via a skybridge, and you can easily move between them to attend programming in either location.

Q: What hours will the convention operate?

A: Opening Ceremonies will be held Friday morning at 9 a.m., and the convention will run non-stop all weekend until Closing Ceremonies conclude on Sunday evening at 5 p.m. Please keep in mind that these times are not yet set in stone until we have an official schedule released.

Q: How old do I need to be to attend BronyCon?

A: You need to be at least 14 years old to attend by yourself. If you are age 13 or under, you must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, sibling, etc. that is at least 18 or older.

Q: Can you please hold the convention in X location next year?

A: BronyCon is the primary convention of the Mid Atlantic and does not plan to move again any time in the foreseeable future. We feel that the Baltimore Convention Center offers us unprecedented opportunity to grow and fulfill our maximum potential. We selected our current venue based on its incredible size, ease of access, acoustics, proximity to staff, and all sorts of other things. There are tons of other fantastic conventions running all across the globe! We're just one of many.

Q: Why aren't you holding a winter convention?

A: BronyCon is getting big. So big, in fact, that the amount of time it takes to plan and get ready is getting longer and longer. Back when we were tiny, we had the time to run conventions once every four months. Now, there are so many things that go into each one that it isn't feasible to consider anything more than an annual convention. And remember: the more effort we put into each one, the better it will be!

Q: What exactly happens at BronyCon? What is there to do?

A: We’re currently hard at work preparing all the amazing programming we have in store for BronyCon. There will be plenty of panels and events going on at all times, highlighting all the major aspects of the fandom, from fanfiction to animation to music. We'll have a massive Vendor Hall where you can find all forms of MLP merchandise and artwork. BronyCon always features an extensive lineup of special guests, including many of the voice actors and writers from the show, who attend Q&A panels and sign autographs. Our BronyPalooza event is a massive concert, featuring performances from some of the biggest and best musicians in the community. There will also be cosplay contests and photoshoots, a game room, a charity auction, and much more!

Q: What special guests will be coming to BronyCon 2016?

A: We're still negotiating with perspective guests of honor. Keep an eye on our homepage and social media, we'll make some noise in the future once we start announcing them.

Q: Is cosplay allowed at the convention?

A: Cosplay of any type is certainly welcome at BronyCon! In addition there will be a variety of cosplay contests and photoshoots throughout the convention. However, we ask that all attendees follow the guidelines of our costume and prop policy. Security at the convention will always have the final say if your cosplay is permitted or not.

Q: I don’t have a space in the Marketplace. Can I still sell things at the convention?

A: Unfortunately, there are no unapproved merchants allowed to sell at the convention, and no form of peddling out of backpacks or suitcases will be permitted. If you are interested in selling merchandise or art at BronyCon, please apply for a space in our Marketplace.

Q: Does BronyCon offer advertising opportunities?

A: Yes we do! We're still working out what those will be for 2016, keep an eye on our social media.

Q: Can I get autographs from artists who aren’t Guests of Honor? How about musicians I find walking around the convention?

A: Of course, assuming they’re willing to! Just walk right on up and ask politely.

Q: What do I do if I have concerns or questions while at the convention?

A: Just visit one of our info booths and our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have. There will also be plenty of staff and security roaming the convention with shirts and badges that will make them easy to spot. Even if they can’t help you directly, they can direct you to someone who can, or quickly contact the right person.

Q: I want to help out! How do I volunteer for BronyCon?

A: There’s lots of different ways you can help out with BronyCon! Applications for those interested are available on the Volunteer section of our website.

Q: How old do I need to be to volunteer?

A: You must be 18 years or older by the time of the convention to apply.

Q: What special perks do I receive for volunteering?

A: If you are accepted, you will receive free admission to the convention, and the opportunity to work alongside an awesome team of people in making BronyCon the best convention possible! There are also steeply-discounted hotel rooms available for our staff members.

Q: Can I apply for more than one volunteer position?

A: You may apply for as many positions as you feel you are suited for, but keep in mind you will only actually be recruited for one. Each is its own commitment, and volunteers will only be able to work one job at the actual convention. If you apply to multiple, we'll select you for the job that you best qualify for.

Q: What's the best way to keep up to date on the latest news about BronyCon?

A: Keep an eye on this website for the latest announcements regarding all the exciting things we have planned for BronyCon! In addition, we have an active presence over on Twitter, FacebookGoogle+ and Tumblr.

Q: What's the difference between gopher and staff? Which should I apply for?

A: The basic gist of it is that Gophers are attendees who can lend an extra hand by performing basic tasks (think: carrying boxes, delivering supplies, setting up tables or checking badges) for a badge refund. They do need to buy a badge like an attendee and get compensated after meeting a particular threshold.

More simply, staff receive additional training and are expected to perform in a much higher capacity at-con and usually pre-con, hence the increase in perks. Attendees who wish to lend a hand may do so by applying to or checking in with the Gopher Squad.

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