Special Access Pass

For attendees who may need extra time to get seated during large events due to mobility difficulties or other issues, a special access pass is available at our info booths. This pass goes on your lanyard behind your badge and allows you and up to two friends to enter Mane Event’s Hall and Hoof Beatz’s Underground Jam 20 minutes before the general crowds in order to have extra time to find a seat and get seated. In order to take advantage of this early entry, make sure you are at the door to Mane Event’s Hall or Hoof Beatz’s Underground Jam 20 minutes prior the start of the event and show the staff member at the door your pass.

The special access pass also allows you to leave and re-enter lines in order to take medication that must be taken at specific times. When you need to take your medication, show your pass to the people in front of and behind you and to a BronyCon staffer before leaving the line. When you return, you may re-enter the line at your former place.

Lastly, the special access pass allows you and and up to two companions to enter through the exit of Blank Canvas’s Marketplace. Present your access pass to a member of BronyCon staff at the Marketplace exit for entry.


Unfortunately, BronyCon cannot supply wheelchairs for our attendees. If you will need a wheelchair at the convention, you can rent one from these local wheelchair rental companies:

Fairfield Medical, Inc.
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
2052 Lord Baltimore Drive
(410) 298-5500

James Pharmacy
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
1117 Light Street
(410) 752-5810

Kirson Medical Equipment Company
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
8801 Kelso Drive
(410) 391-1811

L & M Medical, Inc.
Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
York Road
(410) 683-9600

Manual Wheelchair Rental Only
743 South Conklin Street
(410) 327-7252

Service Animals

All service animals are welcome in all spaces at BronyCon. However, due to Baltimore Convention Center policies, all service animals except those who assist the physically challenged must obtain written approval from the BCC prior to coming on site. Contact [email protected] for this approval.

Attendees are reminded that service animals are working animals and should not distract them or attempt to pet them.


Attendees who use wheelchairs or have difficulty moving are given priority when using elevators. Able-bodied attendees should let attendees in wheelchairs or who have trouble moving go ahead of them to use elevators first.

BronyCon is committed to making our events accessible to all our attendees. If you have needs that we are not currently accommodating, please send us an email at [email protected] detailing what you need, and we will do our best to help you out.

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