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Hitching a ride with a pegasus into Baltimore? Once you've landed at BWI Airport, there are plenty of options for getting downtown.

The easiest way to get to the Baltimore Convention Center from the airport is on the light rail. Board the light rail at Terminal E of the airport and ride for eleven stops until you reach the Convention Center stop. Hop off the light rail and cross South Howard Street, and the Baltimore Convention Center will be right in front of you. To get to the Charles Street Entrance, continue along West Pratt Street for a little bit more than two blocks. A one-way ticket on the light rail costs $1.70, and the light rail does not run at all hours, so make sure to check the schedule for when you are flying in.

If you have a lot of luggage or are coming in at an inconvenient time, a better option for you may be to reserve space on a SuperShuttle van. These vans are more expensive than the light rail, but cheaper than a taxi and are available during times when the light rail is not running. Prices will vary, but a shared one-way trip from BWI to the convention center will cost around $23 before tip.

The BWI transportation page provides information about many more travel options to and from the airport.

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