At BronyCon, we know that it can be overwhelming to meet and be around so many people in such a small space. The Color Communication Cards you received at Registration allow you to express your communication preferences to others quickly and non-verbally. If you are wearing a red or yellow card and someone is harassing you by not respecting your preference, please find a BronyCon staff member to help you.

Color Communication Card Green “Come talk to me!” A person wearing a green card is actively seeking interaction. They may have trouble initiating conversations, so feel free to strike up a chat.
Color Communication Card Yellow “Do I know you?” A yellow card means its wearer only wants to talk to people they recognize. Unless you’ve met this person face-to-face before or they initiate conversation with you directly, be respectful and don’t try to start a conversation with them.
Color Communication Card Red “Not right now.” If a person has a red card, they do not want to talk. Unless they initiate conversation with you directly, please be respectful and do not start interacting with them.
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