Restricted Areas

Some areas of the convention space (such as staff offices) are restricted to staff only. In addition, the back hallways of the convention center are for staff use only; attendees are not allowed to use these hallways unless escorted by a staff member.

Areas of the convention space that are not in use will be locked. These areas are off-limits to attendees. Similarly, after all programming for the day is done, the convention center will be locked and attendees will be asked to leave.

Backstage areas are off-limits to attendees and staff unless they have a backstage pass or are being escorted by someone with a backstage pass.


Due to Baltimore Convention Center policies, attendees are not allowed to put flyers, post-it note installations, or other postings on the walls of the convention center. If you are asked to take your poster down, please do so; if your poster is taken down, please don’t repost it later.

Lost & Found

The convention lost and found is in Convention Operations in room 336. If you have lost an item or found an item that does not belong to you, please bring it to the ConOps office. After the convention, we will turn all our lost items over to the Baltimore Convention Center.

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