We love to see our attendees dress up in all sorts of creative and interesting costumes! However, for safety's sake, we have some rules about what costumes and props are acceptable at BronyCon. When planning your costume, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • Decency and Appropriateness: Congoer attire must cover all areas normally covered by a swimsuit. Costumes and props must also be PG-rated. Hate speech is not permitted on attire or props in any language.
  • Costume Safety: Costumes must not be dangerous to anyone who bumps into them accidentally. Costumes and props that pose an indoor safety hazard to their owners, such as stilts, roller blades, or party cannons, are also not allowed.
  • Volume: Costumes and props that make noise must have volume controls and should be kept at an appropriate volume. The owners of such props and costumes must turn down or mute the volume when asked to by Security. Bass cannons are not allowed at BronyCon.
  • Live Steel: Live steel props are any props crafted from metal with a pointed end or blade-like edge, whether blunt or sharp. All such objects are strictly prohibited in convention spaces. This rule does not apply to objects with only the appearance of metal, such as wooden swords wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Weapons: Real weapons such as maces, axes, or batons must be tightly peacebound or otherwise disabled, and are not allowed if they cannot be disabled. Projectile weapons such as bows, slings, or crossbows must be disabled and unloaded. Bows must be unstrung or strung with a flimsy and loose material such as twine. No bolts or arrows may be carried as part of a costume unless they are fake, not fireable, and not sharp or dangerous.
  • Gun-like Props: Gun-like props are required to have orange tips as part of the prop; orange tape or paint on the tip does not qualify. No airsoft guns are allowed in convention spaces, and no ammunition of any kind may be carried.
  • Guns: Real firearms, even if disabled or unloaded, are strictly prohibited in all convention spaces. If you are an off-duty law enforcement officer carrying your sidearm through convention space, please come see the Head of Security when you enter the con so there are no unfortunate misunderstandings.

Any prop being used in an unsafe or threatening manner may be confiscated by Security. Security may ask you at any time to put a prop away or change out of a costume based on its acceptability. The Manager on Duty of Security has the final say as to the acceptability of any prop or costume.

Please be advised our policies are subject to change and should be reviewed closer to the convention to ensure your costume still falls within our rules.

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