BronyCon 2016 is happy to announce and invite our guests to attend The Grand Galloping Gala! Things are about to get “Wibbly-Wobbly” and “Timey-Wimey” as we take a trip through the ages. Swing your partner off their feet to both classical and top musical hits in this year’s special “Dancing Through The Ages” Gala event.

Please read the following dress code and rules for the Grand Galloping Gala before participation. If your attire does not follow our dress conduct, you will NOT be allowed to enter the ballroom.

Dress Code

This is a formal dance event in which guests must arrive in formal dress, military uniform, or formal cosplay attire. All cosplays must adhere to BronyCon’s Cosplay & Props Policy.

Acceptable Dress Attire

  • Ladies formal or semi-formal dresses of appropriate length, dress pants, skirts, blouses, full formal cosplay, formal shoes, military uniform
  • Gentlemen dress pants, button-down shirts or polos, ties or bowties, full formal cosplay, formal shoes, military uniform, suit or tuxedo.

*cross-gender attire is acceptable as long as the person is dressed formally

Unacceptable Dress Attire

Guests who appear in the following attire will NOT be allowed entry into the Gala. Including but not limited to: work/ casual clothing, jeans, t-shirts, tank-tops, speedos, short-shorts, mini-skirts, horse-head and all other masks, pajamas, props without costume, revealing or inappropriate dress, or funny hats. Shoes should be comfortable for dancing but also adhere to the dress code so please take care to make sure any heeled shoes are at a proper height.

Exemption from the Dress Code

Children under the age of 13 and their accompanying parents or guardians will be exempt from the dress code and will be permitted to attend the Gala.

VIP Guests or Entourage are also exempt from the dress code with badge present.

Gala Rules/Regulations

  • This event prohibits ALL outside food or drink; this includes bottled drinks and packaged snacks. Guests will be asked to dispose of all outside food and drink before they are allowed entry into the ballroom. Water stations and cups will be provided within the ballroom for guests.
  • Alcohol and illegal substances are NOT permitted within the ballroom or within the Baltimore Convention Center. Silly string, water pistols, shaving cream, and any projectile props that may potentially stain or ruin clothing are prohibited within the ballroom and users will be removed from the Gala.
  • Noisemakers of any kind or portable stereos are not allowed within this event.
  • This is a formal dance event, we ask that guests please behave with respect and decency. Any person participating in an activity that may be seen as harmful, rude, or disrespectful will be asked to leave the ballroom.
  • Harassment of any kind is not acceptable at BronyCon or the Grand Galloping Gala. Please review BronyCon’s Anti-Harrassment Policy and respect the space and feelings of all guests and actors at the event.
  • Please remember to follow all General BronyCon Rules.
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